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AgWare supplies innovative applications that provide management, reporting and analytics from planting to weighbridge. User friendly, off the shelf solution and comprehensive reporting features, facilitate forward planning and supply chain analytics, alongside, crop, customer and load information. With current and historical data available instantly, management of crops is made easy; leading to better informed choices and decisions.

A modern platform to analyse and manage the agricultural supply chain.
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Agricultural Management Portal

Our Agricultural Management Portal empowers companies to manage grower and customer requirements from within the field or in the office. Providing comprehensive, personalised information and data for chemical applications, sampling schedules/results, load tracking and yields this user friendly application gives your growers/customers the information they need in one place.

Customised reporting for accurate data analytics
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Custom Reports

Custom reports to suit your business. Instantly access analytical information and charts.


Scheduled Reports

Receive reports in your inbox. Provide summary information to growers, customers or board meetings.


Reporting Suite

Reports provide the foundation for your business decisions. Utilise instant reporting to analyse, plan and asses.


Crop Assessment

Analyse yields and samples to plan ahead for the coming season. Keep ahead with historical analysis across growing seasons


Sample Analytics

Automatically calculate yields and crop quality using the sample system.


Crop Portfolio

Advertise crops to customers. Attach images to crops and sample data for customers to view. Promote your growers crops and increase sales.


Load Analysis

Customers can test a load to any specification, providing you with instant results. Reporting functionality provides detailed and customisable access to aspects of the supply chain.


Grower Management

Allow growers to instantly see results from loads and samples. Growers can input harvest and crop information providing you with relevant and accurate data


Contract Information

Use our comprehensive contracting system to store and track contract statuses and prices. Growers and customers have instant access to contract tracking, analysis and management.

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